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We strongly recommend that all inventors perform research and due diligence regarding issued patents relating to their invention. Too often inventors skip this step, invest in product development and marketing to later discover that their invention was already patented by another party.

Our design and development team professionally develop your invention with a systematic approach to getting your invention to market through licensing. Our innovative strategies are utilized by some of the top licensing firms and have proven to increase success rates while limiting an inventor’s upfront investment. From virtual prototyping to detailing out the unique selling proposition of your invention.

About United Patent Network

We help inventors protect intellectual property rights and submit their ideas to companies

United Patent Network is the world’s leading patent authority. We have a network of patent agents and attorneys that will research and protect your idea globally. We allow inventors to compete on an industry standard level giving them the best chance for success. Our people, our approach, our knowledge and our global relationships with all the key professionals in the invention industry make us the home for inventor services. No other organization can match our experience or expertise we bring to every facet of our operation. It’s a focus that comes from our entrepreneurial spirit, free to deliver our promises in the most appropriate and rewarding ways for our clients.

We contract with a network of Patent Attorneys globally to provide the best advice and legal services available in the industry. Our passion for inventing and our commitment to outstanding service will give you access to the specialized and extensive knowledge of our highly-trained network staff. First we verify the idea is something that has the potential to be protected. Then put together a plan of action with our world-class network that delivers world-class performance.

The United Patent Network has a new development team that works at the cutting edge of patent and invention solutions, solving future challenges utilizing top specialists. Inventors are pushing the envelope with their imaginations and expectations, and we are helping to meet those expectations by connecting you to the highest qualified patent attorneys, researchers, graphic artists, marketers and licensing agents.

Our high-profile advertising and PR program ensures that we continue to stimulate interest and drive sales among a global audience. Our advertising is acclaimed for quality and style, and we maintain a strategic presence at the world’s most prestigious trade shows. Unlike other companies that advertise just the brand, we focus on properly exposing client’s ideas to the companies who might have an interest in a licensing deal. These companies will license your invention and pay royalties for the right to make and sell your invention. They will typically pay 100% of the manufacturing and development costs.

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• Open your project to rich international markets

• Know ALL your rights and options


• Be fully prepared when you approach manufactures

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